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Obliterate Closing Anxiety


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Many sales people have a common problem.

It's the same problem people have when persuading anybody.

If you're a guy, this "problem" comes when asking for the number.

Or leaning in for the kiss.

Or any type of "close."

Closing can be applied to any next step.

For example, if you are a salesman, you convert cold leads into warm leads by CLOSING the appointment.

Then you hopefully turn warm leads into customers by CLOSING the sale.

If you're a guy talking to a girl at a bar, you turn her from a "cold lead" into a "warm lead" by closing for the number.

Since this is the MOST difficult part, it gets most of our attention.

But in reality it should be the EASIEST part.

The most NATURAL part.

Think of it this way.

If you are a salesperson, the client shouldn't need ANY convincing to buy the product.

To them, it should feel just like buying a product on their own.

They have a desire, they find the product, the grab it and head toward the register.

Closing anxiety only happens when you imagine they need convincing.

That they aren't quite ready to buy the product.

That they aren't quite ready to give you their number.

The paradox is the more worried you are, the less likely it will happen.

Anxiety gives off a negative vibe.

Negative non-verbal energy.

The same kind of negative non-verbal energy that makes cats and dogs sketchy around you.

So when you even THINK about building up to the close, you are also building up that negative energy.

From the other person's perspective, while you were just chatting them up or explaining the product, you were relaxed.

This, paradoxically, is when their interest is highest.

The LONGER you worry about closing, the LOWER their buying temperature becomes.

To a completely impartial, mind-reading, alien observer, this would seem EXTREMELY strange.

There you are, with a HOT PROSPECT in front of you.

But BEFORE you decide to close, you TURN DOWN their buying temperature.

What's the answer?

Forget about closing.

Instead, focus on building as much desire as you possibly can.

If you are selling anything, the customer will eventually tell you to shut up and sell it to them.

If you are chatting up a guy or a girl, they will eventually close you.

Because when you build desire the RIGHT WAY, they will feel stronger desire with you than they've ever felt before.

And when we humans feel this, we want more.

So when you can create this high level of desire in others, they will make it VERY EASY on you.

Learn How:


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