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I've had a lot of sales jobs.

Every one of them involved memorizing a pitch.

Either a loose structure, or a word by word pitch.

Selling cars, for example, involves a ten step process.

And just like a sales letter, the whole point of each step is to get to the next step.

It took me a while to figure out exactly WHY sales companies do this.

It's the same theory as selling itself, or even talking to girls or guys to get numbers.

It's all based on percentages.

If you are selling vacuum cleaners door to door, then it's just a matter of knocking on enough doors.

Once you have your pitch down, and you've got your numbers figured out, it's pretty mechanical.

Knock on 30 doors to sell one vacuum cleaner.

If that one vacuum cleaner makes you $100 in commissions, that comes out to $3.33 per door.

Same with cold calls.

Once you figure out the numbers, it's mechanical.

But this is EXACTLY how sales companies see salespeople they hire.

Pure numbers.

If you see a neighborhood with 300 doors, that means ten sales.

Any company KNOWS that they are locked into the Pareto principle.

Otherwise known as the 80/20 rule.

They know that 20% of their sales staff will sell 80% of the stuff.

How do they know which is which?

That's the thing. 

They don't need to know.

Nor do they need to care.

For every ten people they hire, they figure two will be decent.

The other eight? 

They treat those JUST LIKE the vacuum cleaner sellers treats the folks who DON'T buy.

Everything CAN be seen through this numbers game.

Talk to enough people, and you'll eventually figure out your own numbers.

How many calls you need to make before you make a sale.

How many girls you need to approach before you get a number.

How many job interviews you go on before you get an offer.

But this ASSUMES that each one of those (girls, calls, jobs, etc.) is seeing the SAME YOU.

The same you shows up and gives the same pitch.

This is easy, once you memorize your pitch.

But it's very time consuming.

And worst of all, you've got to face a TON of rejection.

Luckily, there is a much EASIER way.

One that doesn't involve ANY rejection.

What IS rejection?

You make an offer, and they say, "No thanks."

Your "offer" (whatever it is) is REJECTED.

This other method doesn't involve making ANY OFFER.

Instead, it is only about asking questions.

Question about them.

Questions that are EASY to answer.

Questions that make then FEEL GOOD about themselves.

The more of these easy questions you ask, the better they'll feel.

And pretty soon they'll start to subconsciously associate those good feelings with YOU.

And they'll be the ones making YOU and offer.

And pleading with you to accept it.

Learn How:


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