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It's very common to want a surefire set of techniques.

Either for persuasion or seduction.

The idea that you could memorize a set of phrases and lines that would work on everybody.

There certainly ARE a large collection of courses that teach that.

But when you understand how marketing works, it makes sense.

There are a lot of courses that teach memorized patterns simply because there is a lot of demand.

Just like there is a lot of demand for super hero movies, that's what they make.

But is it REALLY possible?

If you have a LONG ENOUGH set of patterns, and you practice enough, it certainly CAN work.

If you think of any persuasive character on TV or in the movies, that is how they sell.

They have a sales pitch that sounds fantastic.

Mesmerizing even.

Their pitch is SO wonderful that their target only has to sit there and listen, spellbound.

And that spellbound energy translates into buying energy.

Or romantic energy.

Clearly, if you could memorize a five or ten minute soliloquy, filled with gorgeous metaphors and language patterns, you could seduce anybody.

But that would take a LOT of work.

And some top level acting skills.

Luckily, there is a much EASIER way.

The whole angle of memorized lines and patterns is based on giving the person YOUR REASONS why they should do what YOU want.

Sure, if your reasons are fantastic, and they are delivered with a lot of charisma, this will work.

But it's MUCH easier to use THEIR reasons.

When we do things for our own reasons, there is LITTLE resistance.

There are many ways to do this.

One way is to become proficient in the Milton Model.

To speak in specifically vague language patterns.

So they will necessarily fill in the blanks with their own information.

This takes a lot of practice.

There is an even EASIER method.

That won't feel AT ALL like persuasion or seduction.

Because you're only asking very simple questions.

Questions they will ENJOY answering.

It's a combination of two very powerful techniques.

One is a simple technique to elicit their deepest desires.

In a way that doesn't involve much thinking on their part.

And while you are doing that, you can also elicit their THINKING STRUCTURES.

Everybody has these.

But few people know about them.

So when you elicit their desires, and their thinking structure, you can carefully wrap them around any suggestion.

In sales, this is pretty easy.

But now, it's easy to do in seduction as well.

Because simply the act of eliciting these thought structures will create a MASSIVE connection.

Between you and them.

And when you do so WHILE also eliciting their deep desires, those will also be associated with you as well.

All will happen naturally and subconsciously.

So it WILL be their idea.

Learn How:


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