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Why So Few Perfect Games?


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Baseball has been played a long time.

Since the late 1800's.

Today's teams play over 160 games per year.

That's a lot of games since the late 1800's.

140 years, and over 210,000 games.

How many perfect game have their been?


You likely don't remember this (I know I don't) but when you were learning to walk, you made a LOT of mistakes.

Kids need to fall down quite a bit before they learn to balance on two legs.

ALL learning is like this.

Even something boring like learning history.

You read something, and try to remember it, and you can't.

You might call this a "remembering mistake."

And you keep practicing until the "remembering mistakes" are low enough.

Very few people go through school and get perfect scores on every single test.

The human mind-body system is NOT designed to be "perfect."


It's common to make a huge public mistake, and feel terrible.

Then somebody says something like:

"Oh, don't worry! Everybody makes mistakes sometimes!"

This is a HUGE understatement.

The TRUTH is that mistakes are part of daily live.


Every time you fumble for a light switch in the dark, you are using the human success system.

Trial and error until you get CLOSE ENOUGH.

Every attempt to find the switch is trial.

And when you get CLOSE enough, meaning PART of your finger hits PART of the switch, you're good.

This is the story of EVERY human success.


Trial and error until you are close enough.

Close enough for what?

Whatever it is to achieve the MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE OUTCOME.

Who determines that?

Sometimes it's you.

Sometimes it's your boss.

Sometimes it's your coach, or teacher, or spouse, or even your kids.

Every action is part of this trial and error until good enough system.

Even walking.

One area where it's hard to see this is in communication.

It's very easy to think in terms of needing perfection.

It's very common to end a conversation (or any other communication like a speech) and wish you did better.

But this is the BIGGEST source of improvement.

To have the idea of SOMETHING you COULD HAVE DONE, but didn't.

So long you are pointing your skills in the right direction, you will keep getting better.

The "trial and error until good enough" is built into your brain.

Deeply and subconsciously.

So long as you have a basic framework to work within, and you have ANY kind of experience, you can do better next time.

You need to do the acting and reviewing yourself.

But you can learn a fantastic communication framework here:



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