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There's a very powerful way to respond to insults.

And when you can do this correctly, the insulter will be absolutely speechless.

Everybody watching will think you are super hero of language.

It requires that you have an idea of the type of insult.

The linguistic structure.

It's very similar to the idea of agreeing and amplifying.

This is very useful when done playfully.

Say you are wearing a particularly bright shirt.

And your friend sees you and makes a joke.

"Dude, you should have told me, I would have brought my sunglasses"

The structure of agree and expand means to agree that your shirt is bright and roll with it.

So you might say something like:

"Yeah, sorry, I had an eye exam today. I can't see very well so I wore this shirt so I wouldn't bump into stuff."

Whenever somebody insults us, they expect to knock us off balance.

So when you agree and amplify, it's NOT what they are expecting.

And it makes you look pretty cool.

Not only can you take a joke, but you can agree with the implied insult (dude that shirt is bright) but you can make a BETTER joke than the insulter.

It's a way to maintain the frame while allowing them to keep theirs.

Essentially, you make your frame bigger and more compelling.

This is fairly easy when done playfully.

But what about when the insult is real?

When it's NOT friendly?

When it's genuine purpose is to make you look bad?

Same structure, except when you agree and amplify, you turn the meaning around so it makes the insulter look bad.

And you deliver it with dead pan seriousness.

This takes a lot of practice, and some quick thinking.

OR if you have an idea of the insults that will come.

For example, consider the bright shirt comment.

If it came from an enemy, and not a friend, here's one way you COULD respond.

First agree, that the shirt is bright.

But instead of making a joke, you take that idea and make it a negative comment about the insulter.

He says the bright shirt is BAD.

You extend that to mean that bright lights are bad.

Which could mean he prefers darkness.

Those that prefer to operate in darkness are shady characters.

So a possible comeback, delivered with pure deadpan, humorless energy could be:

You prefer to operate in the dark, where nobody can see you?

This would stun them.

It's logical ENOUGH so they'd have to think about it.

They would be silent for long enough to shift the focus from you, onto them.

All you need to do is drop a couple comments like this and you'd quickly build a STRONG reputation.

It takes practice, but it is well worth it.

Learn How:



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