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Master The Two Most Important Skills


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Some things you can learn relatively quickly.

These are things with more of a binary level of skill.

You can either do them, or you can't.

These are things like driving, tying your shoes, making a sandwich, etc.

Some skills have no upper limit.

For most of us, learning how to cook is a binary thing.

Once you learn how, you stop worrying about it.

Sure, you might pick up a few new skills, learn a few new recipes, but for most of us, once you learn to cook, we don't normally think of practicing our cooking skills on the weekend.

If you were a master chef, on the other hand, you would.

Or if cooking was a hobby, you would be always wanting to learn more.

Some skills are like this.

Kind of in the middle.

You COULD learn more if you wanted to.

But for most of us, once we learn a basic level, we're good.

Most of us aren't professional racecar drivers, so we figure once we learn to drive, we think of DOING rather than improving.

Some skills are either hobbies or professional skills.

You could take up painting as a hobby, continue to learn the rest of your life, and never really consider yourself a professional artist.

But there are other skills that are more like META skills.

The better you get at these, the better you will do everywhere else.

For example, being able to manage your finances effectively is a meta skill.

Part of having a robust set of financial skills is understanding various investments.

Even if you NEVER considered managing other people's money, you could spend a couple hours a week learning about investments and never run out stuff to learn.

It's pretty clear that doing this would benefit you.

Another skill that most don't even THINK of as a skill is speaking.

Speaking is one of those things we don't even think about.

We just figure out how to do it.

Rarely do we take time to think about what we are going to say.

Giving a speech, asking for a raise, asking out girl, etc.

These are considered RARE events in our lives.

Most of the time, we have some random thoughts and try and use poorly chosen words to describe them.

But once you start to PRACTICE your speaking skills, you'll also be practicing something else.

Your thinking skills.

You can't really practice speaking without practicing thinking.

And if you make a point to practice THESE two things, you'll gain IMMENSE power in nearly every area of your life.

Unless you plan on becoming a professional mime, or any kind behind the scenes job, how you SPEAK will be an indication of how you THINK.

Do both of those well, and you can build any life you want.

Learn How:


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