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Shark Attacks and Ice Cream


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One of the biggest problems we humans have is with logic.

We believe that we think logically.

We believe that we make decisions logically.

But in reality, nearly all of our decisions are emotional.

However, we also seem to have a need to remember our decisions as having logical and rational reasons behind them.

And what is the structure of logic and reason?

Cause and effect.

If you've ever heard the phrase, "correlation doesn't imply causation," it's because we always confuse the two.

Correlation is when two things are related.

More shark attacks happen in summer, because more people are swimming.

More ice cream is sold during summer, because it's hot.

So ice cream sales and shark attacks are related.

When one goes up, the other goes up.

But it would be silly to say that buying ice cream CAUSES shark attacks.

Or if you get bit by a shark it makes you want to buy ice cream.

They are correlated, but NOT in a cause-effect way.

But all our thoughts are LINKED together in a cause-effect way.

Either a cause-effect way, or in a complex equivalent way.

What is a complex equivalent?

Any time we think one thing MEANS something else.

People smiling at me MEANS they think I'm sexy.

Or as my friends tell me, people smiling at me MEANS they think I'm funny looking.

Nearly all our thoughts are structured this way.

And most of them are wrong.

Unless your thoughts are about proven scientific principles, they are an opinion.

What does this mean?

This means with a little practice, you can OBLITERATE any thought you like.

Now, why would you want to do that?

For one, it would make destroying insults a lot of fun.

It would be build up your reputation as being a BAMF.

It would also make you a party hero.

Since you could take ANY statement anybody said, and flip it around until EVERYBODY is laughing.

Or you could take the limiting beliefs inside you brain and smash them like a paper cup.

What beliefs?

Beliefs like making money IS hard.

Talking to cute girls IS hard.

Asking your boss for a raise IS difficult or scary.

Once you understand the REAL fragility of our thought structures, you can have a lot of fun.

Learn How:


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