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Homer Simpson Defense Strategy


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If you were to practice any of the defensive arts, you would need two areas of focus.

One would be the actual fighting skills.

These are things that would need to be drilled down to the level of unconscious competence.

Unless you had some of time freezing device, when a punch is coming, you don't have time to think and calculate the best response.

All the blocks and counter punches must be drilled to the level of unconscious competence.

Otherwise you'll get punched in the face.

The same goes for language patterns.

Most people don't like to hear this.

It's very common to want to read a bunch of patterns in a book, and then be able to use them in the moment.

Unfortunately, it's very rare that they'll say something, you'll say something, and they won't say anything else.

This would be like practicing a punch and hoping it's a knockout punch.

Most punches are NOT knockout punches.

And most statements you can memorize and say are NOT knockout statements either.

So practicing them is essential.

And so is practicing your response to the things they MIGHT say.

But there is another thing you can practice.

Something that is much easier to practice, but JUST AS DEADLY as a metaphorical knockout punch.

Imagine one of those comedy movies.

Where somebody walks up to a really big guy and punches him as hard as he can in the face.

And the big guy is absolutely unfazed.

He looks at the puncher, as if he is waiting for him to do something.

This is usually when the puncher realizes the trouble he's in.

There was an episode of the Simpsons where Homer did this.

They found out they could put him in a ring, and let an otherwise professional boxer keep hitting him.

Because Homer is Homer, he just stands there getting punched until the other guy gets tired and gives up.

This is something you can develop.

Not actually getting punched.

But becoming completely NON-FAZED by any insults.

They hit you with the worst insults and look at them.

Trying to figure out what they meant.

Your face and body language show ZERO impact from the "insult."

This will make the insulter feel like and idiot.

The more he tries to insult you, the more you stand there waiting for him to make sense.

Developing this skill will give you a very powerful reputation.

It will take some practice, but it's pretty easy.

You can practice at home all by yourself.

Learn How:


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