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Easy Frame Strength Technique


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There is one powerful technique that can significantly bolster your frame.

This is very easy and requires zero thinking.

But it's something that many people are uncomfortable doing.

Yet at the same time, you'll find this one technique is something VERY powerful speakers can do.

And that is to PAUSE while speaking.

A common reason for exhibiting a less than strong frame is being nervous.

And when we are nervous, we tend to speak quickly and swallow some of our words.

We don't like social attention, so we want to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

For example, if you are at a meeting at work, and you get unexpectedly called on, it's not usually a very enjoyable feeling.

In situations like this, we tend to answer the question as quickly as possible, and get the attention off us.

Unfortunately, this radiates a kind of frame-weakness.

When people intend to harm us emotionally, this makes us an easy target for the office bully.

They KNOW they can easily say something we won't know how to respond to.

This is the main reason for the insult.

To put us off balance, so we stand there looking like an idiot.

Developing the ability to PAUSE while speaking will eliminate this.

It will do so by building our frame energy.

But it will also make you a much more competent speaker.

It will give you the brain space to carefully choose your words and sentences.

Being able to see and choose the BEST ideas is a natural outcome of building up your "pause strength."

It's easy to start, and easy to practice.

Practice it like any other skill.

Start slowly, and build slowly.

The easiest way is to put a pause in the middle of a simple sentence.

The other day I saw (pause) a squirrel.

At first this may seem to PULL attention toward you.

And that may be uncomfortable.

But pretty soon, it will feel pretty good.

Once you get used to that, you can play around with it.

Put pauses in different places.

In between sentences.

Once you develop the ability to sit or stand and THINK instead of talk, WHILE people are looking at you, this will give you a LOT of power.

You'll learn to speak more slowly, more eloquently and more persuasively.

Speaking slowly and choosing your words is one sign of having powerful charisma.

People notice it on a subconscious level.

The second benefit is carefully choosing your words.

And once you learning some advanced linguistic techniques, those words you choose can be DEADLY.

If you want them to.

Learn How:


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