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The other day I stumbled across a video on YouTube.

It was a famous talk show host talking to a famous politician.

The talk show host was absolutely gushing over this politician.

The talk show was SUPER impressed with an answer the politician had given to a reporter.

The reporter tried to trick the politician.

But the politician, according to the talk show host, gave a WONDERFUL answer.

They talked about this wonderful answer for several minutes.

Of course, I had to find this answer to see how "wonderful" it was.

As I suspected, it was based on a common linguistic reframe.

The reporter's question was whether or not A was B.

"What do you think about many people saying that A is B?"

The "wonderful" answer given by the politician was:

A is not B, A is really C, and C is the OPPOSITE of B!

Of course, the politician spent about three minutes giving lots of examples of C, and built up the idea that C is a wonderful thing that everybody loves.

But this VERY SIMPLE reframe was the heart of this "wonderful" message.

Now, why is such a simple statement recognized as being so wonderful, eloquent, and deep?

Because most people don't think very deeply.

And most people don't take ANY conscious thought putting words to those non-deeply-thought ideas.

Most people have some very basic ideas and attempt to express them with ill formed words and phrases.

So somebody comes along with a little bit of thought and (no doubt) a lot of PRACTICE, and they sound like a super genius.

The good news is this is VERY EASY.

Think of situation where you need to have an important conversation with an important person.

Most people do the following thing.

They worry about it for a while.

They think about what to say.

They may even practice a little bit.

But that's about it.

They don't IMAGINE what the other person MIGHT say.

They don't imagine how they might respond to those things.

So they go in there, hope for the best, and kind of wing it.

But in reality, it is VERY EASY to come across as a super-genius communicator.

First, think of what you WANT. 

Imagine saying THAT.

Then imagine ALL the things the other person COULD say.

And then come up with a response for each of those.

And PRACTICE saying them out loud.

With about an hour's worth of thinking and writing and talking, you can MORPH into somebody who is IRRESISTIBLE.

The best part is this doesn't require much brainpower.

Just a little bit of time, patience, and practice.

Learn How:


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