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Why They Killed Socrates


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Socrates is one of the most famous dudes who ever lived.

But he's also kind of curious.

For one, he never wrote anything.

All we know about Socrates comes from Plato.

Plato wrote conversations between him and Socrates.

So everything we know about Socrates has been filtered through Plato's brain.

Most suspect that Plato's early writings were pretty close to Socrates' thoughts.

But as Plato become more of a philosopher on his own, he shifted to his own angle.

Another reason Socrates is interesting is he was put to death by the authorities.

Forced to drink hemlock.

The charge was that he was corrupting the youth.

But the reasons why he was put to death are the most curious.

See, he didn't have any specific IDEAS the government thought were dangerous.

In fact, he didn't have ANY ideas.

His fame came from NOT KNOWING.

Not only did he proudly boast that he didn't know ANYTHING, but his unique skill was in proving that NOBODY ELSE knew anything.

Apparently the goofs in charge don't like that.

It seems they had a bunch of, what they thought were, legitimate reasons for being in charge.

If Socrates and the college kids he was corrupting could pull back the curtain, so to speak, that would show EVERYBODY what was really what.

That wouldn't be allowed, so they killed him.

A few hundred years later, a famous Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius said pretty much the same thing.

"All is opinion," was something he said.

Meaning that NOTHING is true.

Everything that we humans THINK is true is a subjective OPINION.

This means that every single statement that comes out of somebody's mouth is an opinion.

Every idea we have is something that is not true.

Sure, we each have our "own" truth, but the idea of "absolute truth" really only belongs in a science lab.

And even then, it's not much more than a bunch of definitions that everybody agrees on.

What does this mean, exactly?

That means with a little practice, you can DISPROVE anything anybody says.

Sure, it won't likely make you any friends.

Being proven wrong is not something ANYBODY enjoys.

But if you have a friend that has a negative belief?

Blast it to smithereens.

If you happen to be in the middle of a friendly insult contest among friends?

Outframe until their sides hurt from laughing.

If somebody sends and insult your way that you don't want to leave untouched?

Obliterate it with extreme prejudice.

Learn How:


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