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So I am reading Deep Mind Persuasion and enjoying it. However I think I am of the category of “Move away from pain”. I just realized a recent goal I accomplished was only done because I was moving away from pain. I would like to switch my gears and “move toward pleasure” is this covered later in the book? Or do you have any recommendations on how to do this? I can use self hypnosis but I don’t know if that is the best way of going about it so I thought I would ask you.  


Thank you for your books they have a lot of 

good information.



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The book is mainly focused on eliciting the natural strategies of others and using them as they are.

To notice and change your own strategies is a slightly different set of techniques.

One way to switch from "move away from pain" and more toward pleasure is to practice consciously looking at wherever you are, on any path toward any goal, and taking plenty of time to build up any pain or pleasure motivation you need to keep going. Mainly to consciously build up any PLEASURE to move you forward.

Most of these operate automatically and subconsciously. Elevate to the conscious level and spend time BUILDING UP whatever motivating factors you need.

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