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When Did You Stop Beating Your Wife?


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One of the most famous insulting questions is the wife beating one.

When did you stop beating your wife?

Most people have a "rule" that they don't answer questions like this.

This is a good rule.

Because if you were to answer the question, you would ACCEPT the idea hidden inside.

But when the person asks this kind of question, they aren't looking for an answer.

They are looking to catch you off guard.

It's very much a verbal sucker punch.

Especially if it comes on TV.

What happens is the receiver HEARS the beginning, "When...."

And this makes us shift into "question...answer" mode.

But then we hear the entire sentence, and are caught off guard.

It's kind of like when I went to a restaurant once.

I ordered a glass of scotch and a glass of water.

Instead of bringing me water, she brought me a glass of gin.

I took a sip of the gin THINKING it was water.

When you EXPECT one thing, but GET something else, it knocks your brain off line for a few seconds.

So when you get ready to answer a, "when did you..." question, your brain is expecting one thing.

But then they slip in the "beat your wife" idea in there.

You not only get knocked off balance, but you are shocked.

It IS, after all, a verbal sucker punch.

But the viewer THINKS you actually DID beat your wife.

Why else would the interviewer ask such a question?

Then when you sit there stunned, this VERIFIES the idea.

You look like a guy with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

This is why these verbal sucker punches are so powerful.

The more UPSET you get, the more GUILTY you look.

What's the solution?

To first TRAIN yourself to NOT start answering ANY question until you hear the ENTIRE sentence.

Especially if you suspect somebody is setting you up.

If you stay CALM until the question is finished, it's very easy.

You just look at them calmly and say:

"I don't understand. Why do you think I used to beat my wife?"

So long as you DON'T let yourself get pushed off balance by a verbal sucker punch, the person asking the question is now on the spot.

On a much bigger level, this technique works like magic.

First, train yourself to NOT respond emotionally until you hear the ENTIRE sentence.

Even if it's a flat out insult, all you have to say is this:

"I don't understand. Why do you think that?"

This is just ONE of the many techniques you'll learn in Verbal Assassin.

Get Started:


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