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How To Destroy Bullies


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One of the hardest things to accept is the idea of ever present human hierarchies.

A lot of us believe, and a lot of people WANT us to believe, that everybody can be equal.

But in reality, we are primates.

We've been living together as primates for a couple million years.

We've only been "human," capable of language for about 100,000 years.

We've only had large societies for about 5,000 years.

We've only had post industrial societies (electricity, cheap travel, etc.) for a couple hundred years.

Internet, email, text, etc. for a couple decades.

From an instinctive level, we are very much still driven by tribal programming.

This is just as powerful as hunger.

It's very hard to lose weight ONLY using willpower.

This is a clear case of conscious intention vs. deep instincts.

Social hierarchies are the same.

Often, this is very helpful.

When you are hanging out with your friends and playfully insulting each other.

Or having "contests" to see who can come up with the cleverest, and funniest way to make fun of your idiot boss.

Even if you are meeting somebody new, being playfully and funny is a GREAT WAY to demonstrate confidence.

In movies, the "alpha" male tends to show his "dominance" by playfully teasing the girl he's with.

These are all very healthy, very enjoyable, and very NORMAL ways to demonstrate hierarchical "dominance."

More so in straight up competitions.

Kids learn in school to have debate contests.

To use advanced thinking and logic to demonstrate hierarchical dominance.

Two people in a meeting are using their ideas to try and demonstrate hierarchical dominance.

So long as the strongest idea that wins is going to help EVERYBODY at the company, it's all good.

This goes wrong when people try underhanded ways to demonstrate hierarchical dominance.

Teachers tell kids, that they shouldn't let people "push them around."

Parents tell kids they need to "stand up for themselves."

How, exactly do you do this?

How do you respond to the office bully when his insults are so subtle you aren't even sure that they ARE insults?

The first step is to understand that most communication is NON-VERBAL.

This means that most communication is subconscious to subconscious.

The words aren't really that important.

It's very much like being physically pushed on the playground.

The playground bully's whole angle is he pushes you, and you DON'T push back.

This is a clear signal to EVERYBODY else that he is SUPERIOR to on the social hierarchy.

The office bully (or any other verbal bully) has the SAME angle.

To push you, so you don't push back.

And demonstrate to EVERYBODY who's the "man."

Luckily, there are TONS of ways you can "push back."

All of which are easy, and safe, and won't require any "bully energy" on your part.

Easy for you, and devastating for them.

Learn How:


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