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Professional pickpockets choose their victims carefully.

Do anything for a while and you'll learn the finer points.

For pickpockets and muggers, they need a certain type of victim.

Ones that won't fight back.

Ones that will be too scared to remember what they look like.

They can tell within a few moments whose a likely candidate and who isn't.

They are, in a sense, body language experts.

They can tell who's confident, so they avoid them.

They can tell who isn't, so they stalk them.

Not unlike lions carefully watching a pack of gazelles.

They know who is the easiest to catch, and who isn't.

They know who is the safest to catch, and who isn't.

For lions and criminals, they have a clear objective.

Lions need food.

Criminals need money.

But we all not only project, but are capable of reading the body language around us.

Bully's tend to pick on people they KNOW will be weak.

They type they don't think will fight back.

Not just schoolyard bullies.

Office bullies also.

And there are many levels of bullying.

Overt physical violence.

And very covert subconscious verbal slights.

Sometimes they are so subtle they don't even know themselves.

Which makes it much harder to call them out.

They have a deep need to put others down.

For them, it's the ONLY WAY they can feel good.

Most people feel good by making others feel good.

Smiling, cracking jokes, etc.

But bullies seem to have a different strategy.

By putting others down, even subtly, they pretend it raises them up.

But this can be difficult, especially if you're not quite sure WHAT they said.

They say something, and it sort of seems like a normal statement.

Or even a compliment.

But underneath, there is some negativity.

You know it, they know it, and everybody else knows it.

Part of their game is to knock you off balance.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to defend yourself.

Plenty of ways to build up a strong inner frame.

And some POWERFUL outer language.

Simple questions that make them look silly.

Powerful reframes that will send them running for cover.

Black belt language skills to project power.

So NOBODY ever messes with you again.

Learn How:


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