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Economics is something few people actively study.

They don't teach it in school.

And unless you are going to major in economics, chances are you won't take any official courses.

Yet understanding economics is essential.

Because economics allows for an understanding of human nature.

Of human decision making.

Many suppose the reason they specifically DON'T teach economics in school is so it's much easier to con us.

The MAIN THING economics FORCES us to understand is what things costs.

And that is the ONE QUESTION those in charge don't want us to ask.

They'd rather promise us stuff so we NEVER wonder what that stuff is going to cost.

But EVERYTHING cost something.

Either now, or later.

But a deeper idea in economics is the idea of diminishing returns.

Imagine you're really hungry.

Imagine it's your ONE cheating day per week.

And you are about ready to eat a HUGE plate of carne asada nachos.

All week you've been eating boiled chicken breast and cabbage.

The FIRST BITE of carne asada nacho is going to be DELICIOUS.

As will the next couple of bites.

But as you keep eating, each successive will be LESS and LESS delicious.

Pretty soon you'll reach a tipping point.

Where each bite is not only not delicious, but painful.

This is the law of diminishing returns.

You KEEP doing the same thing.

But the BENEFIT (the returns) keep getting less (diminish).

If you have ten days off from work, each day is going to be a LITTLE less rewarding than the last.

If you slip into a hot bath after a long day's work, each minute will be LESS relaxing than the previous.

This idea will OBLITERATE any goals you have if you don't understand.

It happens like this.

On DAY ONE of your plan, your motivation is HUGE.

The imagined benefit is HUGE.

The imagined COSTS of getting that goal are small, since you're just starting.

But each day you go forward, something happens.

The costs INCREASE. 

They move from imagined, to real.

The imagined benefit DECREASES.

Each day you imagine the benefit, the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

And makes it seem less and less valuable in mind.

The visualized BENEFITS are decreasing over time.

The actual COSTS are increasing over time.

When you started, and the benefit was HUGE, since you'd JUST STARTED to imagine them.

The costs were SMALL, since you could ONLY imagine them.

But each day, the costs increase, and the imagined benefits decrease.

Pretty soon you reach a tipping point.

Where the COSTS are LARGER than the benefits.

And it's NATURAL at this point, to give up.

This is why nearly EVERYBODY sets goals.

But very few people ACHIEVE goals.

Turns out the entire self-help industry is FILLED with misconceptions.

Luckily, once you understand basic human nature, you can create a much better plan.

One that will make success much more natural.

Learn How:


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