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lol daing So im testing, supermale model out and mang its wierd like its changing ur mind set, but i paired the version that just has voice no theta and played in background kroom sexual frequincy sound track on youtube, bcs kroom is the spiritual sound of sacral chakra ,, oooo vi fudge.  ..... its wierd i feel and reactions i get is like i have Superpowers ,,  and i listen to miracle generator with just the voices no theta to the kroom sexual freqincy on youtube....... daimmmm cuz its stimulating the sacral chakra ..while the 256 voices program the mind i think im making supernatural progress ........ greek god mode baby lol... cuz you gotta have the sacral chakra powered up to manifest.... together is a blast or... you can pair 256 voices with rain/water & birds sounds..... that stimulates sacral chakra

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