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Peanut Butter And Avocado Strategy


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There is a lot of false ideas in the self help industry.

Not that they are outright cons, but they are false for different reasons.

Suppose you set up a sandwich shop.

If you are a halfway decent entrepreneur, you'd know that YOU are not your market.

Meaning you would understand that just because YOU loved peanut butter and avocado sandwiches, that might not be the BEST thing to sell.

You would sell whatever the market demanded.

If you are a GOOD entrepreneur, you would pay CAREFUL ATTENTION to your market.

You would read magazines like "sandwich weekly."

You would stay on top of all the latest sandwich trends.

You would go to the famous sandwich expos in Vegas.

The MORE you understand what you market wanted to BUY, the better sandwich seller you'd be.

You would ONLY be concerned with "healthy" sandwiches if THAT was your market.

If you tried to sell "healthy" sandwiches, but nobody bought them, you'd stop selling them.

Self Help gurus are kind of the same.

They don't really sell what "works."

They sell what people BUY.

Here's another angle.

When you buy a cheeseburger, you KNOW if it's a good one or not.

If you buy a pair of shoes, you KNOW if they are decent shoes or not.

If you buy a microwave oven, you'll KNOW if it sucks or not pretty quickly.

But what about any self help ideas?

The only way to see if they work or not is to try them.

But since self help ideas take a LONG TIME to try, you've got a dilemma.

You can suck it up and TRY THE TECHNIQUES, for a few months.

Or you can fall prey to the SHINY NEW OBJECT idea.

You'll notice one thing that is common to all the most famous self help gurus.

They all have a huge range of products.

Books, home study courses, seminars, week long retreats, advanced INNER CIRCLE seminars.

This is another thing that highly skilled entrepreneurs do.

They know their customers will keep buying from them.

So they keep making BIGGER and BETTER "ideas."

The real questions (and very difficult question) is the following:

What, EXACTLY, are you buying?

A set of skills or an EXPERIENCE?

If you understand you are buying an experience, that's perfect.

But what about a set of skills?

Skills can ONLY COME from practice.

A lot of practice.

So start practicing:



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