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Beware Of Friendly Enemies


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Understanding human nature is very helpful.

Both from an insider's view and from a competitor's point of view.

It's good to understand human nature from inside your own brain.

It's also helpful to understand human nature so you can keep a close eye on your competition.

As they say, you could keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

Now, they aren't always going to be ENEMIES, but you will ALWAYS have competition.

It can be friendly competition, but it will be competition.

If you see your best friend waiting to interview for the same job YOU are interviewing for, he is your friend AND  your "enemy" at the same time.

They aren't going to hire both of you.

EVERY SINGLE THING you want that isn't abundant is going to be also wanted by a lot of other people.

That one girl or guy you've got your eye on is also desired by many others.

That one house in that one neighborhood is always desired by many others.

That one idea you have to start a business around is likely also thought about by plenty of others.

Unfortunately, plenty of our competition is very crafty.

Once I had a job interview for a VERY NICE job.

I had to talk to about six people.

All but one was fairly straightforward.

They asked me hard questions, and I gave them decent answers.

Except for one guy.


Asked me very easy questions.

Even got me something to drink.

His strategy was to find out what I REALLY thought of his product.

See, I had worked for a competitor at the time.

But this job was a level up both career and income wise.

Only I believed that their product was not quite as good as the one made by the company I worked for.

And this guy wanted to find out what I REALLY believed about their product.

And he did so by carefully, covertly, and deliberately lowering my guard.

He even acted like he valued my advice.

In doing so he "tricked me" into being MUCH MORE OPEN than I wanted to.

And because of that one conversation, I didn't get the job.

It can be very tempting to believe what others tell you.

Especially if they are telling you EXACTLY how to get what you want.

But in reality, the ONLY WAY to figure out exactly HOW to get what you want is by looking inside your own head.

Understanding your OWN skills.

Developing your OWN strategies.

This can be difficult, but it's the ONLY way to realize true success.

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