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The Hobby Skill Trifecta


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Most things can easily be seen in two parts.

Night and day.

Yin and Yang.

Good and bad.

Parasympathetic and sympathetic.

Working and resting.

Creating and re-creating.

Sleeping and waking.

Darkness and light.

This is one of those chicken and egg questions.

Does our body have all kind of dual functions because that is the nature of the universe?

Or do we only perceive it so BECAUSE our body has plenty of dual functions?

These kinds of questions are fun to talk about.

But the essentially don't help us much.

A lot of things can be seen in many different ways.

I had a girlfriend in high school and we'd always get into arguments.

I would like to talk about these things.

While she would wish somebody would show up and tell us the answer.

Some people like to search.

Others would rather know.

Sometimes, though, you don't to have to do one or the other.

Take working and relaxing, for example.

Way back in the day, there was a very clear distinction between the two.

Working was the acquisition of needed calories to stay alive.

Hunting or farming.

And then later working in a factory.

There was work, which was hard.

Then there was relaxation, which was easy.

But today, most everything is in a transition.

Probably a very significant one.

So the idea of ONLY working or ONLY relaxing isn't such a good idea any more.

It makes sense to find activities that satisfy BOTH.

There is an idea that we SHOULD love our job.

Consider that to be an IDEAL, not an achievable goal.

Ultimately, we do jobs because we get money.

But the more you ENJOY doing the things you get money, the easier it will seem.

And the more you'll enjoy thinking about it.

If you HATE your job, it's hard to creatively think about how to make it more productive and lucrative.

But if you can start to slide into a job you enjoy more, dreaming up better ways of being productive won't be so bad.

You can start by looking at any overlaps between hobbies and skill learning.

If you can find a hobby that is enjoyable on its, AND may point you in the direction of money-making skills, you could be onto something.

Ideally you'd like to have a collection of skills that satisfy three criteria.

You enjoy doing them, you're good at it, AND you can make some decent money.

You hit all three and you've got it made.

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