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I've always loved movies.

My first real job was at a movie theater.

I watch a few movies every week.

Now, most of the time, they are playing in the background while I'm doing other stuff.

But movies, and to a larger extent, fiction, are popular for a reason.

Long before there were books and movies they had stories.

It is hard to imagine this, but most scientists believe that the human memory used to be WAY better than it is now.

Before writing was invented, we HAD to remember a ton of stuff.

And much of that "stuff" we remembered were all the stories we told each other.

Today, when we want to be entertained, we generally let something or somebody ELSE do all the work.

We tend to "outsource" most of our thinking.

But WAAAAAY back in the day, most people kept a LOT of stuff up in their heads.

This was way before school.

What did people do at night?

They couldn't read books, since they hadn't been invented yet.

They had houses and fire and even alcohol, but they HAD to pass the time.

And they did this by telling stories.

Sometimes they'd gather around a local watering hole and listen to some old guy tell stories.

Some times they'd hang out and tell each other stories.

Most of the oldest stories we can think of came FIRST through many, many generations.

Countless brains to brains before they were EVER written down.

And as you may know, many of these stories have the same basic structure.

The same basic archetypes.

The same basic problems.

Little guy vs. the big guy.

Underdog hero vs. the much stronger villain.

This is generally referred to as the "Hero's Journey."

You'll find it EVERYWHERE.

Now, the HERO part is for US, the audience, to imagine ourselves in the hero's role.

But why is it a "Journey?"

Because way back in the day, and intuitively today, we KNOW that life is a JOURNEY.

Life is NOT a once and done magic trick.

Life is NOT about finding a hidden secret that makes everything easier.

Life is NOT about finding your own secret shortcut.

No hero ever beat the villain by finding a secret magic trick.

It took time, risk, effort, and plenty of help from their friends.

This is life.

YOUR life.

A journey.

A never ending path toward bigger and bigger success.

Not a reward from a magic vending machine.

An series of accomplishments, each greater than before.

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