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Black Market Eyeball Surgery


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Once in high school, as a joke, I put a Big Mac in the tool box that was in my truck.

My friend dared me to leave it there.

After about a month, it started to smell.

The mold had grown into the shape of the box it was in.

Eventually I had to throw it out and it took me a while to get the stink out of my tool box.

You're supposed to clean out your fridge once in a while.

For the same reason.

Stuff gets hidden in the back.

It gets moldy, but so long as it's sealed up inside of a Tupperware container, you won't smell it.

There's a movie with Tom Cruise where he's having his eyeballs replaced on the black market.

They have ID scanner type things in everybody's eyeballs, and his character has to sneak in under the radar so he can save the day.

So he wakes up after having black market eyeball surgery, and stumbles around for something to eat.

And he grabs an old moldy carton of milk and drinks it.

Of course, nowadays McDonalds puts all kinds of sketchy chemicals into their food.

You could buy a sack of McDonalds and hide it in your bomb shelter and it would probably still be edible (no mold) in a couple decades.

The idea of old and moldy food is gross, but it's helpful.

We all have tons of ideas in our heads.

But unless we get them OUT of our heads and figure out a way to LOOK at them, they'll end up getting stale and moldy inside our brains.

Most people think the same thoughts every day.

They say the same things to the same people.

They consume the same information.

And then they wonder why NOTHING ever happens to them.

The answer lies in the grammar of the above sentence.

Man of us seem to think that OUR job is to do and think the same things over and over, and wait for SOMETHING to happen TO US.

As if we are somehow going to receive a FREE PRESENT from the "wish fairy."

Unless we DO something, we won't GET something.

If we DO the same thing every day, we'll GET the same thing every day.

It's seems logical that if we want to GET something different, we have to DO something different.

And before actions comes thoughts.

If we want to do different things, (so we can get different things) we need to THINK different thoughts.

One way to make this very easy is to let those thoughts OUT of your brain.

Take a few minutes every day to write down your creative thoughts.

Things you might do.

Call it your, "What If..." journal.

It could be the seed of your greatness.

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