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Humans are inherently scared and lazy.

Many historians describe human history as a story of a scared and lazy people doing everything they can to make life easier and safer.

Most of the time, we humans don't do things unless we have to.

Unless our backs are forced against the wall.

At the same time, humans are locked into the law of averages.

Meaning there is NO guarantee that if our "collective" backs are pushed to the wall, then ALL OF US will survive.

All that's needed is a FEW OF US figure something out.

History is filled with these long trends called "Malthusian cycles."

Malthus was the guy who found a strong relationship between population sizes and carrying capacity.

And history bears this out.

Societies get bigger and bigger.

Then something breaks and it collapses.

The next iteration that rises up tends to do better than the previous one.

Better ideas, better inventions, etc.

So each time, "humanity" does better.

But many people WITHIN that group of "humanity" don't make it.

So when people talk about "human nature," in positive terms, they are correct.

But only when applied to large GROUPS of humans.

This doesn't guarantee that each one of us will survive.

Humanity as a group will prevail.

But lots of people within that prevailing group of humanity won't make it.

Most of the time just moving along with the crowd is OK.

But sometimes it's not.

The trick is to know when.

Consider it a very useful ability to THINK for yourself.

Beyond what the crowd is doing.

Beyond what the recognized authority figures are doing.

Going with the crowd is EASY.

Following recognized authority figures is EASY.

Thinking for yourself is NOT.

Which is why you might want to start practicing doing just that.

A good way is to think about something you WANT, but don't have.

Then figure out what SKILLS you need to learn to get it.

Learning skills is one of our prime directives.

Slowly improving yourself, day by day.

It's not always a lot of fun.

But you won't be putting your future in the hands of crowds and leaders that might not have your best interests in mind.

This requires daily practice, daily introspection, and genuine honesty.

But it will SIGNIFICANTLY increase your chances of success in any area.

And during any time.

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