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Sharks, Birds and Turtles


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One of the biggest misunderstandings that keeps us stuck is the idea of a comfort zone.

There's a story about a guy in a fish store.

The kind you keep in a tank and let swim around.

Not the kind you eat.

Anyway, this guy was looking at two sharks.

One really big, in one tank, and another much smaller one, in another tank.

He asks the fish shop guy if the smaller shark is a baby, and the bigger one an adult.

Fish shop guy says they're both the same age.

What gives? Asks the fish shopper.

Big shark grew up in a big cage.

Small shark grew up in a small cage.

Sharks are like people he says.

They can only get as big as their cage.

And like birds, sometimes our cages are safe and comfortable.

So even if the door is open the bird won't fly out.

After all, why give up a free daily meal and protection from cats?

They say our comfort zone can be a prison.

But like many metaphors, this is a bit too simple.

A false dichotomy.

A lot of stuff we perceive is a false dichotomy.

Like we can either have a small, comfortable, constraining comfort zone.

Or a gigantic one filled with excitement and rock star lifestyles.

We either have to go BIG or go HOME.

As if the world is ONLY in two very clear classifications.

Non stop rock star parties, or safely at home hiding under our bed.

Luckily, this ain't true.

The real truth is somewhere in between.

We aren't sharks, we aren't birds.

Both sharks and birds haven't really evolved much in the last couple million years.

We humans, on the other hand, have.

We have learned how to expand our comfort zone so fricking big it can encompass the entire earth.

We actually CAN have both.

We can have a non stop rock star party INSIDE our comfort zone.

No leaving required.


The trick is to go SLOWLY.

That's the biggest con in all self help.

That anything worthwhile can happen quickly.

Slow steady growth is the key.

So long as your comfort zone TODAY is only a teeny tiny bit bigger than it was yesterday, you're doing fine.

There's a REASON that ancient Greek dude made up a story about a turtle winning a race against a rabbit.

That rabbit is all the goofs jumping up and down in seminars hoping for a quick fix.

The turtle is you.

Slowly building your empire.

Step by step.

Get Started:



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