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Stop Out Framing Yourself


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Most normal people have issues with food.

Either eating too much, or not the right kind.

If you've ever tried to lose weight and couldn't, it's one of the most maddening situations.

A common situation is as follows.

You have a strong DESIRE to change your body.

Maybe less fat, maybe more muscle.

And so you do some research.

You want to find out HOW to satisfy that desire.

When you read the material, it sounds obvious.


It makes perfect sense.

But then you run smack in the face of harsh reality.

You KNOW what to do.

But you can't do it.

Sometiems this is when you KNOW you need to under a certain number of calories per day, but you can't.

Part of you wants to abstain, but another part wants to eat.

And the part of you that wants to eat seems to always win.

This is the same battle that happens in nearly all areas of life.

Part of you wants something.

But another part of you, a much stronger part of you, makes doing that impossible.

You see a cute girl across the room.

She even smiled at you a couple of times.

All you need to do is walk over there and start talking.

But you can't.

You come up with a billion LOGICAL SOUNDING reasons.

You don't know what to say.

Or you convince yourself that she isn't your type.

Both of these frustrating situations are of the same structure.

You have a desire to create a certain outcome.

A very STRONG desire.

Either to lose weight, or gain muscle, or study more, or to make friends.

But another desire always keeps you from doing it.

The thing you WANT is nearly always a long term desire.

The thing that STOPS YOU is nearly always a short term desire.

You want to study, but another more stronger desire makes you watch TV instead.

You want to exercise, but another more stronger desire makes you stay in bed instead.

Understanding that all these are of the SAME STRUCTURE is the first step.

To see recognize that these short term, much stronger desires, seem to always OUT FRAME the longer, "higher order" desires.

Once you understand the structure, you can fix it.

And you fix it by SLOWLY strengthening the higher order desires.

And by seeing them as things that need to be built slowly over time.

There are plenty of ways out gain more control over these long desires.

So will power is not needed.

And frustration will vanish.

Learn How:


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