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How To Avoid Negative Frustration


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If you don't know how to do something, it can be frustrating.

When it comes to frustration, there is good frustration, and bad frustration.

Good frustration is a natural motivator.

A very low level "fight or flight" stimulus.

And it makes us fight, but in a good way.

The most common way is in sports.

Frustration can lead to more energy.

More energy leads to better performance.

We can imagine how this might have been a few thousands of years ago.

A hunter keeps missing, and gets frustrated.

This makes him angry, which makes him MORE motivated to kill whatever he was hunting.

However, like many of our other instincts, frustration can be mis-calibrated.

If you are frustrated but don't know HOW to use that energy, this isn't good.

This leads to stress and anxiety.

There is a lot of ways this can happen.

One is when you don't know what to do.

Another is when you THINK you know what to do, and you do it, but you DON'T get the results you hoped.

This is when you can do the same things over and over and think you'll get something different.

Even worse is when somebody shows you how, and you try and copy them, but YOU get much different results than THEY get.

This is common in any kind of "boot camp" training.

You watch a guru do something, and he gets a fabulous result.

Then you try and do the same thing, and fall on your face.

The truth is that nearly all skills we humans want to improve, there are WAY too many variables to understand.

Even something as simple as cooking requires a lot of practice.

You can watch a step by step cooking show and get a completely different result.

It's expected that something like cooking takes a lot of practice.

But cooking is YOU and the ingredients.

The ingredients just sit there.

But most of the stuff we REALLY want (relationships, love, money) are WAY more complicated than cooking.

But for some reason, we expect to learn them much more quickly than we'd expect to learn to become a decent chef.

Maybe it's because a lot of "gurus" promise INSTANT or EASY results.

They CAN be easy, but NOT instant.

In fact, the SLOWER you go, the easier they are.

The FASTER you go, the more variables you miss, and the more BAD frustration you'll create.

So long as you keep away from the BAD frustration, you'll only have the good stuff.

That makes going forward easy.

Learn How:


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