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Groucho Marx famously said that sincerity is the most important thing in the world.

And if you can fake it, you've got it made.

A-list actors are very good at faking sincerity.

This is why they get paid so much.

Just looking at their facial expressions makes it seem real.

The other night I watched a weird, low budget, alien, time travel movie.

The acting was very good.

In one scene, an actress had to look out her kitchen window, and make it seem like she was really seeing a glimpse of hell.

Then she went back to normal.

She had to go from a normal expression, to seeing actual hell, and then back to normal.

All in a few seconds.

Of course, they later put on a lot of hellish sounds and colors and shadows, but her facial expressions did all the work.

If most of us tried this, it would look silly.

It's why actors that suck are referred to as "wooden."

Their faces don't move.

Good actors, on the other hand, can conjure up any emotion they want.

And for them, it's a REAL emotion.

It's not uncommon for actors to have serious and long lasting trauma because of a particular role.

Shelly Duvall, for example, was seriously messed up after filming, "The Shining."

Plenty of other actors have some lingering side effects.

This is what you'd expect.

To be in a situation where you PURPOSELY conjure up REAL emotions of getting hunted by evil supernatural entities.

Kind of hard to shrug that kind of stuff off.

But the technique is something most of us can use.

Most people expect their situation to do the work for them.

For example, people try to apply Dale Carnegies advice to let others do the talking.

But then they find that most other people are pretty boring.

The thing is, though, that ANYBODY can let somebody else do talking if that other person is INTERESTING.

Listening to an interesting person talk is NOT a very valuable skill, since ANYBODY can do it.

Another common idea is to expect the external situation to help us feel safe.

We don't usually think in these terms.

But we behave this way.

We only feel safe when we are around friendly people and friendly situations.

When we are in unknown situations, or around unknown people, we don't feel nearly as safe.

But this is ONLY because our "factory setting" is to let our EXTERNAL situation dictate our INTERNAL state.

But we can do the same thing actors do.

Create an internal state at will.

And let that internally created state OVERRIDE our external situations.

This is exactly what actors do when they pretend they are surrounded by demons, but in reality, they are surrounded by dudes with cameras.

Of course, you don't want to pretend you are surrounded by demons.

You can pretend you are surrounded by anything you want.

Like friendly angels.

The more you practice, the better you get.

Learn How:



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