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hello George!! I purchase this audio(remote influence) , my doubt is, in the affirmations, what one wants to cause in people is specified, but how do I specify what I

 want a certain person to think or react to according to my mental control ??? because the person I focus on is close since I started listen

ing to him yesterday and so like magic PUM !! but I would like to change a little that was more concise his attitude with me, in what moment

I must think in what I wish ?? because i usually focus on the person and the affirmations, but in this ase how would it be?? 


One of your Affirmations says: "I can control the desires of others" ..... when should I think of "I want X person to want to see me" in the aftermath of the day?

or when i hear the audio? That has me disoriented.Please help

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