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How To Keep Getting Better

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Having the wrong metaphor can ruin everything.

Most everything we perceive is done through metaphors.

Our brains have only evolved to really make sense of macro physics.

Apples falling from trees, etc.

But our brains are also capable of creating and interpreting hallucinations as if they are real.

This is how we come up with mythology and other incredible stories.

All from looking up at the sky and imagining that the stars are people.

As soon as we imagine they are people, we start making up stories about how they interact.

Used "correctly" these stories can inspire us and motivate us.

Used "incorrectly" we might not stay alive very long.

For example, if ALL you did was beseech the gods for healthy crops, you'd die.

On the other hand, if you beseeched the gods AND did the job of tilling the soil, planting the seeds, and doing the daily work of making sure everything grew correctly, you'd have a much better chance.

The first case would be an OVER-DEPENDENCE on a metaphor.

The second case is when you use the metaphor as MOTIVATION or INSPIRATION, but not in place of doing the actual work necessary.

We have a lot of metaphors in our daily lives.

One of the most dangerous one is to think in terms of perfection.

Or to have an objection that is TOO HIGH compared to our level of skills.

For example, if you'd been practicing the piano for a couple of weeks, it would be a huge mistake to think you were ready to perform.

But this is something we do all the time.

We READ something, and think that reading about something is the same as PRACTICING that same thing.

For some reason, we think that reading is the same as practicing certain skills.

Mostly social skills.

We read a book, or have an idea about what we want conversationally.

But then we go out and fall on our faces.

We are frustrated, but ONLY because we had expectations that were ABOVE our level of skill.

If you have your expectations in congruence with your skills, you won't be frustrated.

Things like social skills are ALWAYS in progress.

Every single person you talk to is going to be a completely NEW experience.

An UNEXPECTED experience, since you don't know them.

So having an expectation based on a completely unknown situation is illogical.

It's much better to dial back your expectations.

And see every communication as ENJOYABLE practice.

That way you'll eliminate frustration, and keep getting better.

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