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The Goldilocks Strategy


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There are two bad things that can happen if your level of skill is not correctly calibrated to your level of expectations.

If you think you will get much more than your skills actually can, you'll develop a sense of entitlement.

This can lead to a feeling that the world is rigged against you.

You try something, expect to get a very good result, but only get a so-so result.

But if you only have so-so skills, you should only get a so-so result.

If you have so-so skills but expect amazing results, you'll feel cheated.

The more you try, the more cheated you'll feel.

This will lead you to EXTERNALIZE your frustration.

This doesn't lead to an improvement of skills. 

Since you don't think you NEED to improve your skills.

You'll develop a belief that the world is broken.

The other side of mis-calibration is just as bad.

If your skills are HIGHER than your expectations.

You have FANTASTIC skills but you only believe you have so-so skills.

This will lead you to getting results ABOVE what you think you should.

This generally leads to self-sabotage.

You purposely mess up so your results match what you expect.

But since what you expect is BELOW what you can actually get, you keep getting good results, but then messing them up.

Like they say in the Kinks song:

"You get a good thing going and you blow yourself out."

Of course, having an expectation that is based on your actual skills is best.

It MINIMIZES frustration and MAXIMIZES growth.

When this is properly calibrated, EVERYTHING will feel like doing something simple like shooting baskets.

Since the basket is right in front of you, it's hard to NOT match your understanding of your skills to your results.

This can be difficult to accept, especially with social skills.

But if you were to measure the actual RESULTS you were getting, and used your results as the ONLY MEASUREMENT of your skills, you could improve much more quickly.

Especially if you could break down all the micro-skills and practice them independently.

Kind of like in sports or music.

So long as you have an accurate read of your skills, and an understanding of all the micro skills and have to practice them, continuous improvement is easy and automatic.

Learn How:



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