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Archimedes is a famous old school scientist.

One of the things he's famous for is running down the street naked.

Not the naked part, but what caused his excitement.

The king was worried that somebody was scamming him.

He'd paid to have a gold crown made.

But he wasn't sure if it was gold or copper or a mix.

And since way back then (ancient Greece) they really had no way of knowing.

So he gave Archimedes the task of figuring out how.

And as a scientist, he put his mind to work while he did normal things.

And when he got into his bathtub, he saw the water rise as he got in.

This was the famous, "Eureka!" moment.

When he figured out how to solve the king's problem.

By putting various things in water, you could measure their volume.

With weight AND volume, you would figure out the density.

Since gold and copper have different densities, he could quickly figure out of the king's crown was pure gold or not.

He was so excited he ran down the street naked.

Another famous thing associated with Archimedes is his work on levers.

He famously said, "Give me a lever long enough, and I can move the world."

Lever, of course is the operational part of the word "leverage."

We can easily translate his statement to mean, "Give me enough leverage and I can do anything."

Whoever has the most leverage in any negotiation, for example, will generally get their way.

But leverage also works inside your brain.

Our body has plenty of two-sided systems.

Awake and asleep.

Excited and relaxed.

Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Desire and fear.

Most of the time we have a desire, but that desire is overshadowed by fear.

Because fear is a survival instinct, it's usually much more powerful than it's counterpart.

Which means you've got to be pretty sure things are safe before you go charging ahead.

One way to kill fear is with knowledge.

This is why we can enjoy scary movies.

We KNOW they are fake.

We KNOW that really isn't a ghost, or a demon.

Another way we can leverage knowledge is by killing the "I don't know what to say" anxiety that keeps us out of conversations.

Because if you are reading this, then you have TONS of information up in your.

And because of the structure of your brain, you can pretty much link any idea to any other idea.

This means with a little practice, you'll NEVER "not" know what to say.

In fact, with enough practice, the amount of data you feel up in your brain will OVERWHELM any anxiety.

The practice is easy and can be done safely at home.

The more you do, the more data you'll re-discover, and the more leverage you'll have in ANY conversation.

Learn How:


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