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Obliterate Social Anxiety


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Most practice is easy, but boring.

This is the main reason why few people do it.

It's also why Napoleon Hill suggested having a "burning desire" was necessary.

If you had a passive interest in learning the piano, for example, that passive interest wouldn't enough.

You'd give up (like many people) rather quickly.

Before you started practicing, it might seem pretty cool when you imagine being able to PLAY the piano.

But the more you practiced, the more the REAL COSTS of being able to play would add up.

When you imagine being able to play, you don't really have an accurate idea of what having that skill would cost.

Both the direct costs (the daily boring practice) and the opportunity costs (the stuff you were missing out on).

But if you had a BURNING DESIRE to play, that would take you through.

For example, imagine if somebody gave you a very complicated piece of sheet music, and told you if you could play it perfectly, from memory, within a year, he'd give you a billion dollars.

Most people would be pretty motivated to practice every day.

So they could get the billion dollars.

With regular skills, you can BUILD UP the burning desire by taking time to IMAGINE all the good things that will come when you get the skills.

You need to do this, or else the costs will outweigh the benefits.

So long as you take the time to BUILD the benefits to BURNING DESIRE level, you'll be OK.

But this ONLY works with non-social skills.


Because social skills introduce another idea into the mix.

Namely, social anxiety.

So not only do you need to practice, but the practice itself is VERY UNCOMFORTABLE for most people.

It creates a TON of anxiety for most people.

And when your brain is feeling anxiety (rather than boredom) it's very hard to learn ANYTHING.

This is why practicing social skills, compared to practicing music or sports, is something few people ever think of.

But guess what?

There are some aspects of social skills that you can practice AT HOME.

And practicing these ARE boring.

So you'll learn them much quicker.

And there is a huge BENEFIT to doing this.

Because practicing these skills at home will REDUCE your anxiety.

They do so by building up the other side of the anxiety.

And once they are relatively EQUAL to the strength of anxiety, the anxiety will vanish.

And once you get to that level, the idea of "practice" will be self sustaining.

Talking to interesting people and making them laugh and smile is IMMEDIATELY rewarding.

Playing the scales over and over and over and over again, not so much.

The trick is to practice these social skills AT HOME, until the anxiety is gone, and then practicing with other people will be natural, easy and INSTANTLY rewarding.

Learn How:


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