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The body comes with a lot of systems that compliment one another.

For example, there is part of our system that excites us, and gets us ready for action.

And there is an equal and opposite part that calms us down, and gets us ready to relax and recharge.

Very much like night and day.

Two seemingly opposite sides of the same system.

When you eat, it's common to become sleepy.

It's kind of a shift from being outwardly focused and excited, to inwardly focused and relaxed.

We can imagine how it might have helped our ancient ancestors.

When they were hungry, this spurred them to action.

To go looking for food.

Once they had found food and had eaten, they got sleepy, so their bodies could digest the food.

You'll find these sympathetic systems everywhere.

A lot of half to do with what we think and how we think.

For example, a common sticking point for having relaxing conversations is not knowing what to say.

At its extreme, it KEEPS US from even starting a conversation.

But it also pops up in the middle.


You could be having a friendly conversation and then out of nowhere, your brain freezes.

Those uncomfortable and awkward silences can RUIN an otherwise decent conversation.

Luckily, there's a relatively easy solution.

And that is to TRAIN your brain to think laterally.

Meaning you can do some simple exercises to practice the "art" of thinking of tangential topics.

That way you can keep conversations going a LONG time.

The truth is there is TONS of information ALREADY in your brain.

And unless you are having a conversation in a Soviet Prison with gray concrete walls, there are TONS of things going on around you.

So you've got tons of info OUTSIDE your brain, and you've got tons of info INSIDE your brain.

All you've got to do is practice making connections.

This exercise is very much like physical exercise.

You won't get much benefit if you only do it once or twice.

But it only takes a few minutes.

And if you get into the habit of doing it DAILY, you'll soon be a conversational powerhouse.

This ONE exercise can build up the brain skills to use the EXISTING information in your brain, and become a conversational POWERHOUSE.

Even if you suffer some social anxiety, this will soon overcome that.

Once you have plenty of stuff to talk about, that KEEPS COMING without you needing to think, this data itself will overwhelm any anxiety you have.

This will make your ideas seem so big, they almost get out of your head on their own.

Overpowering any social anxiety.

Learn How:


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