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The Quantum Penguin Strategy


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Quantum physics is often thought of as mystical.

It's also used to describe mystical things.

But in reality, it's actually pretty simple.

In English grammar, there is countable nouns and uncountable nouns.

Countable nouns are things like penguins, bananas, and carne asada burritos.

I went to the zoo and saw a lot of penguins.

How many penguins?

Seventeen penguins!

Damn dude, that's a lot of penguins!

On the other hand, there are uncountable nouns. 

Things that you can't count.

Like water.

I went to the ocean and saw a lot of water.

How much water (not "how many water")?

A lot of water.

Penguins you can describe with numbers.

Water you can't.

You can count the containers of water, but not the water itself.

Once upon a time, scientists thought ENERGY was an uncountable noun.

But it turns out they were wrong.

Energy is countable.

It comes in discrete packets.

Just like penguins.

You can't have a penguin and a half.

Nor can you have a "unit" of energy and a half.

And as you have already guessed, the word "quantum" is from the same root as the word "quantity."

So in a very real, very LITERAL way, "quantum physics" is really the SAME as "countable physics."

But since "quantum" is a word most people don't use, it sounds mystical and cool.

Quantum healing.

Quantum hypnosis.


Swap out the word "countable" for quantum and it sounds pretty same.

"Hey dude, I invented a new form of hypnosis. Called countable hypnosis!"

"Uh, like count from ten down to one? Dude, that's been around for a while..."

So, why all this talk about quantum penguins?

Because many skills are much easier to learn if you break them down into their most basic components.

Or their "quantum level."

Meaning the smallest part that you can actually practice.

Many people do this already.

Learning to play the piano, for example, you start off by doing simple scales.

Then simple chords.

Then reading simple notes in simple keys.

Smaller building blocks are easy to practice.

And once you've got a lot of these smaller building blocks mastered, they can add up to some cool stuff.

Having a lively and memorable conversation with somebody is comprised of many of these smaller, "quantum level" skills.

And each one you can practice on your own.

In the privacy of your own home, or your own brain.

Once these smaller chunks are strong enough, you can combine them in very interesting ways.

Ways that will make you a much more POWERFUL conversationalist.

Without EVER feeling any social anxiety.

Learn How:



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