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How To Obliterate Social Anxiety


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There are many myths about fear.

One common and very old one is that if you "do the thing you fear, the death of fear is certain."

The problem with ideas like this is they SOUND fantastic.

But they are very hard to verify one way or another.

We like them because they feed the deeper idea that if we REALLY wanted to do something, we could.

That "just" on the other side of that "fear" is everything we could ever hope.

Just on the other side of that fear is relationships, money, love, success, fame, etc.

We're just not quite "ready" yet to face our fears.

But because we KNOW (allegedly) that once we face our fears, we'll kill our fears, that everything after that will be smooth sailing.

Only problem is that statement is false.

But after we understand WHY it's false, the REAL truth is actually much better.

Fear causes a lot of negative emotional energy.

As a natural response, the body produces OPPOSITE energy.

This is WHY people love things like skydiving and bungee jumping.

After the AUTOMATIC fear response, their body is FLOODED with powerful endorphins.

Those endorphins feel FANTASTIC.

That's why they go skydiving.

But here's the thing.

If facing your fears REALLY DID end the fear, then nobody would go skydiving a second time.

The first time, you would face your fear of heights.

And once you faced it, the fear would DIE, according to that idea.

Unfortunately, what that idea is describing "the death of fear is certain" is a simple, biological-neurological process.

That same fear-endorphin response happens EVER TIME.

You're not "killing" anything.

You're purposely putting yourself in a situation where your body will produce a chemical that will give you a quick HIGH.

Because this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME, the fear-endorphin response happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

The same things happen when guys do "cold approaches."

Walking up to a gorgeous woman, and asking for the phone number.

Sure, if you do it a bunch of times in one day, it will slowly feel natural.

But go a few days without doing it, and you've got to start from scratch.

This is why both men and women who find themselves back on the dating market ALWAYS feel they are starting over.

This "starting over" feeling would be IMPOSSIBLE if you "killed" the fear.

So what's the good news?

Fear of heights is GENETIC.

You can't undo it.

Most other fears are LEARNED.

Which means you can unlearn them.


And it turns out there are a lot other COMBINATIONS like the fear-endorphin response.

And by turning up the OTHER SIDE of social fears, the fear will diminish on it's own.

Once the other side is STRONGER than the fear energy, the fear energy WILL vanish.

This can be done without EVER facing those fears.

But instead by slowly and consistently doing exercises that will COUNTERACT that fear.

And since these exercises can be done by yourself, you NEVER need to "face" your social fears to overcome them.

Learn How:



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