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A Silly Boxing Metaphor


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Imagine if you took a seminar on boxing.

And it was NOT a "hands on seminar."

It was pure theory.

How to punch at what angle and strength.

Imagine some of the questions.

"So, if I'm halfway through the eighth round, and he comes at me with a roundhouse from the left, with a plane angle of 22 degrees, but with only 78% strength, what's the best defensive move in that condition?"

And imagine if the instructor actually answered.

If he had a powerful computer and generated the precise punch in question, and then demonstrated the defensive move that would be maximally successful.

And imagine all the would-be boxers writing down the angles and drawing diagrams on their notes.

Expecting to be in the middle of a fight and actually remember the correct angles and punch strengths, etc.

Pretty silly, right?


Even couch potatoes who would NEVER get into the ring see this as impossible.

People who would NEVER get into the ring, know that to practice boxing, you have to box.

Not only box, but practice all the different moves.

Anybody who's seen any movie or TV show that even has a scene inside of a boxing gym knows this.

They know that a boxing match is very fluid.

All sports are fluid.

All decisions are made in the moment.

And mostly unconsciously.

You respond and react in the blink of an eye.

In fact, the whole idea of corner manager giving his boxer tips in between rounds verifies this.

The boxer is SO "in the moment," he needs to be told consciously what's happening.

Where his opponent is weak, where he might have an advantage, etc.

So the whole seminar idea with boxing is goofy.

Yet that his how we learn about communication.

The idea that we can plan BEFORE HAND what to say, or how to respond of somebody says something is AS ridiculous as thinking you can do that in a boxing match.

Of course, most of the time we are communicating, we AREN'T trying to hurt each other.

But conversations are JUST as spontaneous as boxing matches.

They are JUST as dependent on intuition as boxing matches.

They require us to be JUST as "in the moment" as in a boxing match.

And as luck would have it, we can prepare for conversations JUST like boxers prepare for boxing matches.

Most of the preparation happens OUTSIDE the ring.

The training, the calisthenics, the techniques, etc.

Turns out there are JUST AS MANY ways to improve your conversational skills that DON'T require you actually be in a conversation.

All these techniques, on their own, are very safe, very easy, and very simple.

But when you put them together, they will make you a powerhouse communicator.

Learn How:


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