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One thing we humans have better than any other animal is flexibility.

For example, we have a ton of muscles.

And if you work your muscles, they will get stronger.

This is obvious.

From a bio-engineering standpoint, this allows for an increase in efficiency REGARDLESS of what type of work a human would do.

This allows for ancient humans to live in ANY environment, figure out what they needed to do, and do it.

The more they did that, the more those specific muscles would strengthen and become much more energy efficient.

Farming, climbing trees to get coconuts, hunting.

Another area where we are extremely flexible is in our thinking.

Every other living thing takes THOUSANDS of years to adapt to its environment.

Humans can do it much quickly.

Because we have a flexibility of thinking.

Instead of evolving claws, we make tools.

Instead of evolving extra hair, we make clothing.

Every thing we have is born of this "meta creativity" and "meta flexibility."

The thing that makes a critical difference is communication.

We can take vague ideas inside our brains and transfer them from one brain to another with words.

And just like our physical bodies, you become better at whatever you practice.

If you run every day, you'll eventually be able to run a LONG WAYS without getting tired.

If you do pushups every day, you'll eventually be able to do plenty of pushups.

If you practice music every day, you'll soon be a skilled musician.

If you practice communication every day, you'll soon be a world class communicator.

But here is where the problems start.

Practicing many things is very straightforward.

Keep doing it until you get better.

Running, pushups, sports, music, all these are easy to measure.

Easy to see if you are getting better.

But what about communication?

How do you practice this?

How can you measure if you are getting better or not?

What makes it even worse is even the IDEA of "practicing" something like communication causes anxiety in most people.

Sitting at the piano and playing scales for a couple of hours is easy.

It might bore you to tears, but it doesn't cause anxiety.

Nobody is afraid of getting yelled at by a piano.

But talking to people every day, just for practice?

That sounds downright silly!

Luckily, there are plenty of components to communication.

Inner game and outer game.

And plenty of ways practice that DON'T involve other people.

AND plenty of ways to measure how much better you are getting.

And even better, once you start to get some POSITIVE feedback from others, you'll be on your way.

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