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How To Create Positive Cycles


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Many natural cycles are self-reinforcing.

For example, if you are in a bad mood, you will display bad mood energy.

This will come across how you walk, how you look at people, and the tone of your voice.

This bad mood energy will drive subtle bad mood communication.

Which will tend to elicit bad mood responses from others.

Which will further maintain your bad mood.

Good moods are the same, but opposite.

You walk with good mood energy.

Good mood posture, good mood eye contact, good mood tonality.

This creates good feelings in others, which drives their good mood behavior, which further enhances your good mood.

People that are ALWAYS in a good mood tend to ALWAYS make people feel good just by being around.

These people are said to "light up a room."

People that are always in a bad mood tend to do the opposite.

When they show up, everything thinks, "Oh, crap, I hope he doesn't come and talk to me..."

These same self fulfilling cycles show up in many, many places.

And some of the negative ones are so powerful they ruin our lives.

Addictions, for example, are like that.

They start off innocently enough.

Trying something to feel good.

But that only makes you want more.

That ends up taking a toll on your body and your finances.

Pretty soon you need a hit just to feel "normal."

Finances can be the same way.

Like a drug.

Buying nice stuff feels pretty good.

But the more stuff you buy, the less good it feels.

Pretty soon your credit cards are maxed out, and there's no end in sight.

Of course, there are plenty opposite cycles as well.

These are very positive, and very powerful.

Very life sustaining.

Life enriching.

You do things that make you feel good.

But these same things ALSO improve your ability to do more things that make you feel good.

Exercise is a perfect example.

Once you get past a certain point, it feels GOOD to exercise.

But it also IMPROVES your ability to exercise.

The more you do, the more you CAN do.

Positive habits are like this.

And they all share one thing in common.

They take a while to get going.

Bad habits are the opposite.

They are very EASY to start, and very HARD to stop.

Good habits, on the other hand, are HARD to start.

But once you get them going, they get easier and easier.

And more and more rewarding.

Most people think in terms of doing X to get Y.

Do something, get something, and then stop doing that thing.

Consider this idea a dangerous myth.

That instead, it's a much better idea to build positive habits.

So positive outcomes are natural and consistent.

And happen automatically.

Learn How:


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