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The Myth of One More Thing


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One of the biggest ideas that messes us humans up is the idea that there is ONE MORE THING.

And once we get that ONE MORE THING, everything will be perfect.

If we could ONLY get that next thing, everything would finally start clicking together.

We'd FINALLY get our due.

There are plenty of metaphorical ways to describe this feeling.

Our ship coming in.

We "arriving."

We "finding our place."

All of these metaphors represent a sense of finality.

Of one simple "thing" that happens, and after that singular "thing" happens, EVERYTHING in life will be much easier.

For most people, this "one thing" is a huge amount of money.

This has even made it's way into plenty of books and movies.

Commonly referred to as "F You" money.

The amount of money that allows you to say F YOU to anybody who's causing you grief.

Don't like my report?

F You!

Think I should lose a little weight?

F You!

Don't like the way I dress?

F You!

However, if we look at people who actually DO find a lot of money, way more than the F YOU money we tend to dream about, the opposite happens.

Invariably, when people get sudden financial windfalls, it inevitably destroys them.

Plenty of studies have shown that winners of lotteries tend to end up wishing they'd NEVER won.

How can this be?

Our instincts are SCREAMING that we need that "one more thing."

This desire is represented in the movies with F YOU money.

Yet the data of real life people show the opposite.

That sudden windfalls are a horrible thing.

Sure, at first, they are fantastic.

The financial PAIN vanishes.

But once that financial PAIN is gone, what is left?

What will motivate them?

Consider that idea that we need "one more thing" to be a very POWERFUL instinct.

One that kind of tricks us into focusing on our very next objective with 100% of our energy and mind and body.

Then once we achieve that, we rest a little bit.

And then choose another objective.

And then go after THAT "one more thing."

It would seem to match with the rest of our instincts.

We are starving, so we find something to eat.

We eat until we can't move, and eating becomes the LAST THING we want to do.

Until we're hungry again.

The same can be said with our relationships.

When we are apart, we can't wait to see each other.

Before long, we can't stand each other and need time apart.

You'll find these cycles EVERYWHERE.

This never-ending cycle is the foundation between the YIN YANG symbol.

Yin is ALWAYS turning into Yang.

Yang is ALWAYS turning into Yin.

Desires are ALWAYS turning into success, driven by the "one more thing" instinct.

Embrace this cycle, and you will ALWAYS embrace "one more thing."

And each "one more thing" you achieve will add to your success.

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