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If you did a survey of most successful people, you would find some interesting things.

One is that most people never had ANY idea they would be successful in the way they were successful.

For example, Jeff Bezos, the richest man on Earth, got started selling hardback books online.

Now Amazon makes most of it's money from cloud storage.

They are known for selling physical products, but that is a very tiny portion of their business.

But if you asked Bezos twenty years ago, he wouldn't have had ANY IDEA that he'd be a billionaire from cloud storage.

(True story: One of his biggest clients is the U.S. Government)

Once I saw a movie of a concert the Stones did in San Francisco.

It was for a fund raiser about ten years ago.

Interspersed with concert footage was very old black and white clips.

One of an interview with Mick Jagger in his twenties.

The question was, "How long do you think you'll guys will be doing this?"

His answer?

"Dunno, maybe a couple more years?"

Ask any couple who's been happily together for years and you WON'T find many stories of love at first sight.

You will hear plenty of stories that sound like, "I never would have thought I'd be with somebody like this!"

What does all this mean?

That the future is INSANELY hard to predict.

The most successful people had NO IDEA they would be successful the way they would.

So, the money question:

How can we REVERSE ENGINEER their success strategy?

One clue would be to NOT be dependent on a SPECIFIC future.

To have a very VAGUE drive.

And combine that with a huge amount of flexibility of how we define success.

This sounds OPPOSITE to what most goal books teach.

Most goal books say we need to create a very SPECIFIC desire.

To make it CLEAR in our minds.

Imagine if Bezos ONLY allowed himself to make money by selling books!

Combined with a VAGUE definition of success, the other critical factor is a DRIVE.

A relentless drive to KEEP TRYING THINGS.

See what works, see what doesn't.

Keep doing what works, and keep changing what doesn't.

The two most important factors of success are the drive, and the flexibility.

If you can combine these two together, it's hard to fail.

But you have to accept that your success won't be defined until you get there.

And when you DO get there, you'll STILL want to keep going.

So even the word "goal" is incorrect.

Because goal implies a "finish line."

And one common theme among all super achievers is they are NEVER finished.

So get started.

And NEVER finish.

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