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Alien Hallucination Experiments


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Mark Twain is famous for a lot of interesting quotes.

One of them is regarding the difference between somebody who CAN'T read and somebody who DOESN'T read.


Meaning that have a skill and not exercising is the same as NOT having the skill.

This is an interesting way to look at things.

We all like to believe we COULD do something if we REALLY WANTED to.

But we never really want to, so we never do it.

There is a myth that we'll somehow "rise to the occasion."

Meaning if a situation presents itself, we'll somehow behave much better than we normally behave.

It's one thing to hold something in reserve, but if you NEVER use what you THINK you have in reserve, you might not actually have that.

If you were an alien studying humans, and you had NO IDEA what was going on in their heads, you might be puzzled.

For example, you would see TONS of people spending TONS of money on weight loss products, but nobody ever really loses any weight.

One excuse we tell ourselves when we learn some "skills" is that at least we "know" something that we didn't know before.

Meaning if we REALLY WANTED to, we could use those skills.

On a much broader scale, those aliens would watch people read all kinds of self improvement books, but never really improving.

Their bank accounts would be the same.

Their relationships would be the same.

Their jobs would be the same.

The aliens might wonder what the heck is IN those books.

On the one hand, the self help industry is a BILLION DOLLAR industry.

So their are a lot of IDEAS being "consumed."

On the other hand, not a lot of people are making any actual changes.

What gives?

If EVERYBODY is following the same courses and ideas, and NOBODY is doing anything different, there are two possible answers.

One is that humans are incapable of changing.

But that CAN'T be right.

Because plenty of people HAVE made significant changes.

In finance, in health, in relationships.

What's the other possible answer?

That maybe there is a fundamental flaw in the STRUCTURE of all those self development courses.

Suppose the aliens ran an experiment.

And they compared how people consume FICTION to how they consumed self development books.

They might conclude they are the SAME.

They read them, they have some fantastic imaginations, and when they finish, they go back to normal.

Could it be the secret to real change doesn't like in those books?

Maybe it's something that YOU need to discover on your own.

Through careful, deliberate action.

What if THAT were true?

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