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Why People Rarely Achieve Goals


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One of the reasons few people ever achieve their goals has to do with chaos theory.

What the heck is chaos theory?

It's actually very puzzling idea.

They discovered when they started looking at computerized weather patterns.

Turns out that changing the initial conditions just a teeny tiny bit will have a HUGE impact a couple weeks out.

This is a simple system with just a few variables.

This has nothing to do with measurement technology or even quantum physics.

But an infinitesimally tiny change in the present will have UNPREDICTALBE results a couple weeks out.

They run these weather patterns over and over.

Even when the initial conditions are nearly IDENTICAL, the outcome a couple weeks out is completely different.

This is where the term "butterfly effect" comes from.

Meaning that if a butterfly flaps its wings, it can create DRASTIC changes in weather systems a couple weeks out.

What does his have to do with setting goals?

Whenever we set ANY kind of long term goal, we have NO IDEA what is going to happen in the future.

Even with something as "simple" as weight loss.

On the surface, it SEEMS straightforward enough.

Eat less and exercise more.

But when you make the decision, you are in one state of mind.

And in order to CONTINUE to eat less and exercise more, you will need to be in a different state.

And since you have NO IDEA what it will be like to operate from that state, you're essentially GUESSING about the future.

Even when you go to a familiar restaurant, you DON'T KNOW what you are going to order when you get there.

This is when you KNOW you are going to eat something.

In a future that is less than an hour away.

How the heck are you supposed to be able to predict what and how you'll eat two to three months out?

This is why any goal more than a day or two out CANNOT be specific.

The more specific it is, the less likely it will happen.

Since you have NO IDEA what you'll be doing or thinking or feeling between now and then.

So what's the answer?

Give up?


Just keep your goals from being specific.

Turns out all you REALLY need to know is the DIRECTION you are going in.

Imagine going on a two week road trip across the country.

And trying to predict, down to the second, each day.


All you really need is the direction.

You'll get there when you get there.

And figure it out along the way.

Goals are no different.

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