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False Guarantees of Safety


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If you were going to bake a cake, it would be pretty easy.

At least if the recipe was simple.

But even simple recipes can get complicated.

The best chefs spend years learning their craft.

The more complicated something is, the more time it takes to learn.

The more room for error there is.

And the more valuable high level skills are.

Which is exactly why world class chefs make tons of money.

They can create things that few other people can.

Anything that is world class involves a lot of different ideas.

You start by doing what you're told.

Beginning artists have to master some very basic skills.

Only when ALL the basic skills have been mastered can they start to create things from scratch.

Some things are matters of pure determination, and very little creative talent.

For example, if you wanted to become a world class marathoner, you could spend your time doing very basic things.

Eating a very measured diet.

Spending your time doing very specific things.

Creative ability wouldn't come into play.

Other areas may create a LOT of creative talent, and not a lot of athletic type perseverance.

The more you rely on other people telling you what to do, the less you'll need creative talent, and the more you'll need old school resilience and dedication.

If you wanted to be a world class athlete, for example, you could hire a team of coaches and follow their instructions EXACTLY.

On the other hand, if you wanted to be a world class artist, you wouldn't get very far by expecting to be told what to do.

Life is much more of an artistic creation than a race.

Meaning the type of life you CREATE is much more up to you than you realize.

Unfortunately, many people don't realize this.

Or they are terrified.

Most people are DESPERATE to be told what to do.

The more you rely on other people telling you what to do, the less original your life will be.

But many people are willing to forego ANY chance of greatness in exchange for a stable, although boring, life.

Greatness takes risk.

Greatness takes courage.

Greatness takes time and perseverance.

Most people can follow directions.

But following directions won't generally get you much.

Inside the comfort zone is safety.

Outside is where everything is.

Everything worth going after.

What will you do?

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