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Why Sudden Riches Create Misery


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Most people have a huge dream of getting a sudden windfall.

Everybody would LOVE to "get" rich.

Just by how we describe the process is instructive.

Of transitioning from a state of "not being rich" to being in a state of "being rich."

Nobody says they want to create riches.

Nobody says they want to build riches.

Nobody says they want to earn riches.

Most people dream about GETTING rich.

Like getting a birthday present.

Or getting a compliment.

Both are nice things that other people GIVE US.

It's kind of like learning music.

A lot of people would like to be able to PLAY music, but few are willing to build actual music-playing skills.

But suppose, just for "fun," that you DID "get" rich.

Most people believe that would be a GODSEND.

That ALL your problems would be gone.

This is unfortunately, not true.

Both theoretically and empirically.

Imagine the life of somebody who "gets" rich.

They go from struggling with their bills, having to deal with bosses, coworkers, and neighbors that they HATE to having those problems VANISH.

The first thing they do is quit their job.

Then they buy a new house.

Most of us "believe" that we'll only spend "enough" to get by.

Maybe spend our time on hobbies, or traveling, or learning.

But here's the part most people don't anticipate.

Spending money FEELS GOOD.

Just like eating FEELS GOOD.

And most people when they think they are only going to EAT a little bit, end up eating a lot.

So our newly hypothetical rich person buys those first few things (house, car, new shoes, etc.) it FEELS GOOD.

That's when the problems begin.

Since it FEELS GOOD, it's very, very hard to stop.

So you buy something else.

But because of diminishing returns, every next thing you buy feels a little bit LESS GOOD than the first thing.

When you quit your job, it felt great.

When you bought a new house in a new neighborhood it felt great.

When you bought a new car it felt great.

But then you bought another car, and it didn't feel so great.

The more you spend, the less great it feels.

This is a problem.

A HUGE problem.

Because the more money you spend, the less money you have.

Pretty soon, you need to buy something just to feel NORMAL.

Eventually you run out of money.

And feel miserable.

Why does a sudden windfall of riches feel so compelling?

Consider that it's an instinct.

One that mother nature programmed us with.

So we could focus on that NEXT THING with pure intention.

Unfortunately, many of our instincts don't work so well in modern times.

But if you learn how to re-calibrate them, you'll be back in business.

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