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Are You Waiting For The Wish Fairy?


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A common and very lazy writing technique is called "deus ex machina."

It means "god from the machine."

It generally refers to books or movies where the hero's are rescued by a sudden character that wasn't there before.

It usually happens when the story starts off pretty good, but the only way the writers can figure out how the heroes can win in the end is by some unpredictable magic.

Stories that are much better tend to have solutions at the end that you can sort of (at least retrospectively) see coming.

These tend to be very enjoyable.

So enjoyable they make us want to watch the movie over and over again to see the clues that we missed the first time.

On the other hand, movies that end with an unexpected solution out of nowhere are not so enjoyable.

Unfortunately, most of us plan our lives with the "deus ex machina" strategy.

We expect some entity OUTSIDE of ourselves to show up and save the day.

We expect something to be "given" to us.

At the very least, we expect our situation to somehow change to make it EASIER for us to get what we want.

You can generally tell by asking people some simple questions.

If you ask them to imagine fantastic success in a couple of years, and then look back to now, and explain how it happened.

Most people will need some kind of deus ex machina event.

They meet somebody that does the work for them, or they happen to wander into the right relationship.

While it certainly FEELS fantastic to be the recipient of such luck, it begs the question.

Why us?

Meaning if some other person or situation is going to single US out to give us a big break, or make it easy for us to turn our dreams into reality, why us?

Not not the billions of other people?

This presents a paradox.

The more we DREAM about a big and fantastic future, the more we'll depend on some kind of "deus ex machina" event to make it happen.

And the less likely it will happen.

On the other hand, if you CONSTRAIN your future to YOUR behavior, it's much likelier to happen.

Does this mean that you can't dream big?

Not at all.

This is another paradox.

If you talk to successful people, you'll find they had no idea that they would be successful in the way they actually were.

But they did constrain their dreams to their own actions.

And when you combine these two elements, it's actually much more powerful than hoping for magic.

Because when you dream big, you are dreaming of the future YOU.

That CAN exist.

Not some magic wish fairy.

Which will never exist.

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