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Too Many Chili Cheese Fries?


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There's an idea in economics called "diminishing returns."

Unfortunately, most people never study economics.

For one, it's not taught in school.

And since it's used as a "tool" to "control" society, they make it seem much harder than it really is.

It's actually not even a science.

It's more of a description of natural human behavior.

For example, suppose you were on a diet.

And it was the kind of diet that allowed one cheating day per week.

And on your upcoming cheating day, you were going to have a huge bowl of chili cheese fries.

The first fry would be absolutely delicious.

And the next, and the next.

But pretty soon, the more fries you ate, the less delicious they'd be.

Pretty soon you'd be stuffed, and the thought of eating ANOTHER fry might make you shudder in agony.

It's called "diminishing returns" because you keep doing the same thing, namely, shoveling a cheese and chili covered french fry into your mouth.

But each subsequent one gives you LESS pleasure.

The SAME behaviors, over time, deliver LESS return.

Or the returns (for your efforts) diminish.

Of course, when economists talk about diminishing returns, they don't usually talk about eating chili cheese fries.

They talk about things like hiring workers for your business.

Suppose you had ten workers.

And you wanted to hire one more.

And one more worker got you an increase in productivity of 10%.

(10 to 11 gives you a 10% increase)

Going from ten to eleven workers would increase productivity by 10%

And suppose that one worker cost you $50,000 per year.

So far so good, right?

But if you added ANOTHER worker, for ANOTHER $50,000 per year, you would get LESS return for the SAME increase in pay.

Going from 11 workers to 12 would only get you an increase of 9% increase.

But that 9% increase (11 workers to 12) would cost the same as a 10% increase (10 workers to 11).

Turns out this idea of diminishing returns is EVERYWHERE.

And unless you fully understand it, it can mess you up.

If you've ever set a goal, perhaps you've tried using a VISION BOARD.

Or maybe writing goal statements everywhere.

But guess what?

Those have diminishing returns as well.

That first day you put up a vision board, for example, it feels pretty good to look at.

But just like the chili fries, each day you look at it, it will motivate you less and less.

This is ONE PROBLEM that keeps many people from not achieving their goals.

A misunderstanding of basic human behavior.

The good news is that with a more thorough understanding, and a re-engineered goal strategy, setting and getting "goals" (they really shouldn't be called that) is MUCH easier.

Learn How:


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