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Self sustaining cycles are everywhere.

Unfortunately, when they affect us humans, we tend to not notice.

For example, if you are in a good mood, you will behave in a certain way.

Your behavior will elicit positive behavior from others.

You'll smile, they'll smile back.

You'll broadcast positive body language, and they'll reciprocate.

This creates a very good mood.

The opposite is just as possible.

If you're in a foul mood, and you broadcast foul body language and non-verbal communication.

They reciprocate, and the cycle continues.

Most people don't recognize this.

Most people walk the Earth completely oblivious to this never ending back and forth.

Large, positive and external events can have a huge impact.

If an external event is strong enough, it can completely reverse this cycle.

A strong enough negative event can shift you from a good mood to a bad mood.

A strong enough positive event can shift you from a bad mood to a good mood.

Many people interpret these randomly occurring, external events, as being "lucky" or "unlucky."

Kind of like a boat just drifting and hoping to catch a "lucky" current and avoid an "unlucky current."

Imagine if you are in a boat that was on a large lake.

On one side was a huge party.

On the other side was a waterfall into sharp rocks.

And you believed that it was completely up to the gods of luck which way your boat drifted.

And even if you started drifting towards the waterfall, your only response would be to curse the gods.

Pretty silly, especially when you realize that the boat in this metaphor has an engine that can steer you anywhere.

Like away from the waterfall and toward the party.

We are all like the boat.

But most of us haven't discovered our engine.

The engine that can KEEP US in a good mood REGARDLESS of what's going on around us.

And that good mood will make us VERY ATTRACTIVE to those around us.

Sure, external events CAN impact our inner state.

But you can also learn to CONTROL your inner state.

And make it strong enough so that only YOU can control your inner state.

Making you more attractive than ever.

Learn How:


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