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Radiate The Supermodel Experience


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If you saw a gorgeous girl or guy from across the room, you'd remember them.

The more gorgeous they were, the more you'd remember them.

But you would REALLY remember them if they looked at you and smiled briefly.

In fact, just a little bit of direct, non-verbal communication, no matter how brief, would be MUCH more powerful than just their looks.

You can imagine a gorgeous person who doesn't notice you.

And a semi-attractive person who looks RIGHT AT YOU and smiles before looking away.

You would definitely remember that.

The longer and more involved that interaction is, the MORE you would remember them.

And the less their physical appearance would be a variable.

To be sure, they have to be above a certain level of attraction.

This is very personal and subjective.

But so long as it's above this point, the MORE effort they put into personal communication, the less important their physical appearance would be.

People like Victoria's Secret models can skate by on ONLY their looks.

They walk into a room and don't need to make eye contact with ANYBODY to leave a lasting impression.

But for most of us normal humans, we have to AUGMENT our physical presence with our energy.

This energy is the sum total of all our non-verbal communication.

The stuff we are radiating all the time.

This energy we radiate is VERY dependent on our mental state.

We can do a mental experiment to see this.

Imagine you were about to walk into a party. 

You were in the hallway of an apartment building, and JUST ABOUT to open the door and walk in.

RIGHT BEFORE you turned the knob, two sexy super models came out of the elevator, walked past you and looked at you like they wanted to bang you silly.

(Or imagine another appropriate situation).

How would this impact your mood as you walked into the party?

You'd be confident, smiling, much more extroverted.

This would impact how you made others feel, which would further enhance your good mood.

Your internal state (cause by the chance meeting with the super models) would significantly enhance your non-verbal communication.

Now imagine the opposite.

Same two models, but as they walk past you, they look at you like you're dirt.

Suppose you try and smile at them.

They recoil in horror, and say something like:

"Don't DARE look in my direction you worthless human! You're not even fit to clean my toilet when I'm on vacation in the South of France!"

This would impact your party experience in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

Your inner state, and your outer energy, would be HORRIBLE.

You'd be radiating anger and frustration, and nobody would want anything to do with you.

Suppose you could walk the Earth with a CONSTANT positive internal state?

As if you have ALWAYS just had a recent positive super model experience?

How would THAT affect your life?

It's actually pretty easy with some consistent mental practice.

Learn How:



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