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How To Improve The Real You


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Some things are easy, and other things are not.

Some things start out as difficult, and become easy.

These are things that we practice.

This is pretty self evident, and it almost seems so obvious that it's not even worth mentioning.

But sometimes we overlook such simple ideas.

Much to our demise.

If you started to play any sport, and you sucked, that would be normal.

Because most people suck when they start most things.

But the more you practice, the better you get.

We all get this intuitively.

Once a couple of friends and myself were watching a live performance.

The guitarist was absolutely killing it.

My friend remarked, "That guy's gotta sleep with his guitar!"

Meaning he assumed that to get to that high level of skill, he must spend a lot of time with his guitar.

So much that he sleeps with it.

Nearly any skill we think of, we think of in this way.

That the more you practice, the better you get.

Except for the most important skills.

Unless you are expecting to be a world class musician or athlete, most normal humans practice sports and music as hobbies.

Few people will ever be able to quit their day jobs to pursue their hobbies as careers.

But we still enjoy practicing.

Because it feels GOOD to get better at something.

But the things that get us the MOST IMPORTANT things in life are things we DON'T practice.

Things like conversation skills, persuasion skills, people reading skills, confidence projecting skills.

We tend to think of these things like height or eye color.

Based one hundred percent on genetics.

If you walked into the gym and hired a personal trainer with the specific goal of becoming TALLER, he'd think you were nuts.

But we very much CAN change much of our personality.

The main reason we don't like to think in terms of specifically doing exercises to improve our personality is twofold.

One, it seems "fake."

We imagine doing something that's not genuine.

Not really the real "us."

The other reason is it's scary.

We imagine walking up to somebody and speaking in a particular way, and we imagine them looking at us like we're some kind of sociopath.

But in reality, plenty of people work on their personality all the time.

Back in the day, many girls would go to "charm school."

Men didn't quite have the same thing, but older men would teacher younger men how to properly "behave" so they wouldn't send the wrong message.

If you were taking a class in public speaking, to specifically increase your earning power, that would be exactly the same thing.

And the idea of the real "you" is a myth.

Because the real "you" is a sum total of every single thing you experience.

Which means the real "you" is always changing.

And since it's always changing, why not CONSCIOUSLY change it in a direction that can make life EASIER and more ENJOYABLE?

And not just for you, but for everybody that is lucky enough to interact with you?

Learn How:


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