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Humans seem to have an instinct to keep improving.

This is pretty obvious when you compare technology now to only a few decades ago.

It's also pretty obvious when you compare old people to young people.

Simply by being around, you get more experience.

Even passive experience will teach you things.

Most people go through some kind of educational system.

Our brains are even created so we are born with less than developed brains.

We have an instinct to soak up as much information as we can.

Next time you have a chance, watch people in line at the supermarket.

If you see any young children, they will be moving their heads and eyes and if they can, their bodies.

They are in the "collect data" mode of their lives.

Their little brains are RAVENOUS for information.

Adults on the other hand, will tend to be either staring blankly into space or blankly at their device.

The older we get, the less AUTOMATIC our "hungry for data" brain gets.

But just because it's not automatic, doesn't mean it's not possible.

Your muscles stop growing on their own past a certain point.

But even a dude over sixty can start lifting, and show obvious results.

Both brains and muscles CAN be continuously improved.

The older you get, the more effort it may take.

But it is JUST as possible.

But there's one thing people RARELY consider as something they can strengthen.

But it's JUST as "strengthen-able."

And that is your personality.

Our personality is kind of like our musculature system.

Both are designed to respond NATURALLY to our environment.

If you started working in the fields, for example, your muscles would NATURALLY respond to make that work easier and more energy-efficient.

If you got a job in a shoe store, your PERSONALTY would naturally respond to make those interactions more natural and energy-efficient.

Just like you can CONSCIOUSLY target certain muscles, you can CONSCIOUSLY target certain areas of your personality.

And just like somebody with a well built and sculpted muscle system is more attractive, a person with a well-built and sculpted personality is more attractive.

Both systems behave the same way.

The more effort you put in, the more benefits you get out.

Learn How:


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